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Google+: Stargazers | Fraser Cain’s Virtual Star Party

Fraser Cain started by wondering whether the view from a telescope could be streamed live into a Google+ Hangout. Now he’s hosting a weekly star party Hangout where some of the world’s most curious amateur astronomers share their views of the universe with anyone who wants to join in.
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Some of you may have heard of this guy, Fraser Cain, publisher for Universe Today along with being the forerunner for the Astronomy Cast and Google+ Star Party Hangouts, which you can check out HERE. Don’t miss them, they’re great hangouts just to drop by and learn what’s going on in our cosmic backyard, day or night. Subscribe to Fraser’s Google page for consistently updated educational material and if you’re waiting for a video to load or you would much rather be fed sciencey one-off’s instead of sticking around for a full hour+ hangout, you’re sure to stumble upon a menagerie of astronomy goodness.

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Stay Curious! Watch: A Short Guide to Making a Telescope Hangout+ Ready (or download the PDF)

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